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Commission Form

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me! Please fill out this form and submit it. If I accept your commission, I will get in touch with you!  In this first section, I'd just like to get a bit of contact information from you so that I can do that.  All fields in this step are required.

On which site are you MOST active?

I don't need your legal name here - I just need to know what to call you.

Please enter the email address where you would like to receive the invoice for this commission if it is approved.  I will also use this email address to contact you if I am unable to reach you by other channels.  I will not use your email address for any other purposes.

This is what I will use to tag your commission upload if I post it to my galleries.  I do not accept anonymous commissions. Please use the username that you are willing for me to tag. Don't give a username that you don't want associated with this art.  When I have to reupload the art because YOU gave me the wrong tag, that costs me engagement!

Which instant messaging platform would you like me to use as a point of contact?

This is the username you would like me to use to contact you.  If I accept your commission, I will message you at the username you give here.  If I am unable to contact you at that username, I may attempt to email you to rectify that, but if I can't eventually contact you at one of these two platforms, I will not take your commission.  Remember that if you're using a Twitter account and keeping it private, please check for a pending follow request; I can't take your commission if I can't reach you!

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