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Pricing Information

Here is a list of my pricing information.  These prices are subject to periodic changes, and they are base prices only; factors such as complexity and deadline requirements may alter the final price. This is a general guide to my prices, which are based around character drawings; if there is a specific type of work you would like me to do that isn't listed here, please contact me and I would be happy to give you a quote or any additional information you might need!

Consultation is always free.  Payment for the art is taken in advance (after the initial consultation and final price quote) via PayPal invoice, with a money-back guarantee on the prearranged deadline (usually, but not always, 90 days; the exact deadline will be discussed during consultation).  All prices are listed in US currency.  All finished products are delivered via Dropbox download link on the prearranged messaging channels.  Products are delivered portable network graphic (png) format unless otherwise specified.

Please note: Patreon Points have been discontinued. However, some SubscribeStar members are eligible for a discount on commission prices. Check out my reward tiers on SubscribeStar for more information.

Custom Telegram Stickers

These are stickers to be used on the Telegram messaging platform, drawn to your specifications. The price includes compiling and is delivered as a link to the compiled sticker pack, with the original PNG files available on request.  (Limit 3 stickers per commission.)



This is a simple drawing with minimal finishing.  It does not include a background or any coloring.

Additional characters: $20.00/ea.



This is a little more finished than a sketch: a drawing that is digitally inked and cel-shaded.  It does not include color or a background.

Additional characters: $30.00/ea.


Simple Color

This is a drawing with the same level of finishing as the simple commission, but it also includes coloring.  It includes a basic backdrop (like the example shown) but no detailed background.

Additional characters: $45.00/ea.


Rendered Simple Color


This is a drawing that includes a character with soft shading and only a simple backdrop for a background.

Additional characters: $50.00/ea.


Full Service


This is a fully-rendered scene.  It includes full color, detailed shading/lighting, and a background to the buyer's specifications (a variable detail fee may apply depending on the scene).

Additional characters: $60.00/ea.

TTRPG Stat Block


This includes a color image of a character for use in a tabletop roleplaying game (for example, Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder), framed with the character's RPG information and statistics.  The finished product includes both the stat block sheet and the standalone image.


Simple Reference


This is a character sheet intended for use as a general reference.  It is rendered in flat color and includes a single view, color palette, and basic character information.  Alternate versions are $20 each.


Full Reference


This is a character sheet intended for use as a general reference, with more detail than the simple reference. It includes a front view and the buyer's choice of either a rear view or side view, along with a color palette and basic character information.  Alternate versions are $30 each.


Detailed Reference


This is a character sheet intended for use as a general reference, but with extra details added. It includes the standard reference pose with hard shading, three reference views (front, side, and rear), three facial expressions, a color palette, and character information.  Alternate versions are $40 each.



This can be purchased independently or as an add-on to an art commission.  It is a literary commission of at least 1500 words.  The price varies according to story length and complexity and is not a per-character price.  Final product is delivered as a PDF.  Includes a $15 discount if purchased as an add-on to an art commission.

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