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Terms of Service

These are the terms of service to which you must agree in order to commission me. I have highlighted some of the most important phrases for your convenience in reading, but remember that you are agreeing to the entire document by commissioning me.

Article 1 - Contract Process

The commission process begins when you agree to these terms of service and submit your commission form.  Please not that submitting your form does not guarantee you a place on my commission schedule; it is a proposal only.  The only part of the commission form that is binding is your agreement to these terms.  The commission process is as follows:

  1. The commissioner (you) and the artist (I) will have an initial consultation via the communication channels given in the commission form.  During this consultation, I will give you a price quote and a deadline.

  2. I will send you a PayPal invoice via the email you provide in your commission form.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay this invoice, nor does the email you provide have to be your PayPal email if you do have an account.  A PayPal invoice can be paid using most major credit/debit cards.  Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.  If an invoice is still marked unpaid 3 days after I've sent it, I may send a courtesy reminder. Non-payment of an invoice after one full calendar week will be considered a voluntary cancellation of the commission.

  3. I will provide a proof-of-concept via the arranged contact channels, except for sketches, which are delivered as-is.  WIPs beyond the proof-of-concept are provided at my discretion as a courtesy.

  4. If you have not received your completed artwork by the deadline date given in the initial consultation, you may contact me to request a refund.  Within two weeks of such contact, I will deliver the unfinished art and refund the full amount paid.

  5. If I believe I cannot complete your commission before the deadline, I will contact you at least one week before the deadline date so we can discuss whether alternate arrangements are acceptable, but I will always honor the original agreement unless you and I mutually agree to new terms.

  6. If you establish an artist/client relationship with me, you must maintain an open line of communication on either Telegram (preferred) or Twitter.  You can get an account on either of these platforms for free, and both have the option for an in-browser chat that requires no software download.  If you wish to commission me, you must be willing to communicate on one of these two platforms.  When you commission art, you are paying for a service that requires a professional relationship between me and you, and live communication in at least an instant-message format is a necessary part of that.

  7. If I have a question about your commission during the process of working on it, I will attempt to contact you via the agreed-upon platform and set your commission's status (you can check your commission status on the commissions page via the "Check My Commission Status" link) as either "awaiting commissioner response" or "awaiting WIP approval."  If I contact you and do not receive any response within 3 calendar days, I will consider it a voluntary cancellation of your commission, and no refund will be due.

  8. I will deliver your completed artwork digitally by sending a Dropbox link to you via the prearranged messaging platform.  This link can be used to download your artwork in the highest available resolution.  For Telegram sticker commissions, I will not provide you with a download link but will instead send you the signature stamp sticker attached to your sticker pack so that you can add it to your Telegram client.  (I will provide the individual PNG files of these stickers upon request.)

  9. I store all finished commissions in cloud storage and on physical backups for easy retrieval for a period of two years (subject to change based on cloud service availability).  If you need to reacquire your art beyond that two-year period, I can't guarantee its availability.  When I provide you with a download link to the finished artwork, you should download the art to your devices as soon as possible.

  10. No physical media will be shipped.  By signalling your acceptance of these terms of service, you hereby agree not to hold me responsible for providing "proof of shipment" in the event of a dispute, since your finished product is delivered digitally.

Article 2 - Corrections, Alterations, Cancellations, and Refund Policy

It is your responsibility, as the commissioner, to make the commission details as clear as possible.  Remember that I don't have the subtext and details in my mind that you have in yours; if there is a detail you need me to know, the onus is on you to make sure I know those little details before I begin work on your commission.  My policy for corrections, alterations, cancellations, and refunds is as follows:

  • I am responsible for making corrections to the artwork based on the details you give me. If you've clearly told me a particular detail and the drawing doesn't reflect that, I will correct it.

  • I will make corrections to quality errors (broken lines, compression artifacts, etc.) if they are obvious errors, but I will make the final decision on whether such corrections are warranted, and my decision not to make such corrections does not entitle you to a refund.

    • In general, I'll do my best to correct these sort of errors before I send you the final product, but I'm certainly not perfect; I'll occasionally miss things, and usually, I'll apologize for the error and fix it.  This policy is in place to protect me from excessive pickiness; I've had 30-minute commissions turn into 4-hour ones over things like this, and I'm not going to issue refunds on hours' worth of work over a few errant pixels that would escape most notice.

  • Alterations (that is, changes to the prearranged details of the commission after the drawing has been started) are accepted at my discretion, and refusal of an alteration is not grounds for a refund.

    • In some circumstances, I may accept alteration requests but charge an alteration fee.

  • If you choose to cancel your commission before you have paid the invoice, simply message me and I will cancel the invoice.

  • If you choose to cancel your commission after you have paid the invoice, the refund policy is as follows:

    • If you cancel your commission before approving the proof-of-concept sketch, I will refund your commission fee in full.

    • If your commission is not completed before the agreed-upon deadline, I will refund your commission fee in full upon request.  Such a request will constitute a cancellation of your commission, and any unfinished art that has been made will be delivered as-is.  If I have missed the deadline and you would still like me to complete your commission, we will discuss a new deadline and continue as before.

    • If you choose to cancel your commission after approving the proof-of-concept sketch, you may receive a partial refund at my discretion.  Such a refund will be treated as a cancellation, and any unfinished art that has been made will be delivered as-is.

    • Sketch commissions are nonrefundable except in cases of missed deadlines.

    • If I have completed your commission and you are unsatisfied with it, I will do whatever I can reasonably do to make it right.  Ultimately, however, you are paying for my style and artistic vision when you commission me, which means that the finished product I create may not look exactly like what you had in your mind.  Lack of satisfaction with the finished product is not grounds for a refund.

    • Non-payment for a service (for example, filing a chargeback on PayPal after you have received the artwork) is a form of fraud and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Article 3 - Limitations of Service

I will never discriminate service on the basis of your race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability, age, or any other protected class.  I may refuse any commission I don't feel comfortable drawing, but you are still welcome to commission alternative subject matter.  I don't claim a "right to refuse service" with only a few noteworthy exceptions.  I may refuse service to you on the following grounds:

  • You are under 18.

    • If you're under 18, I cannot legally accept you as a commissioner because a commission is a legally binding business agreement, which you cannot enter as a minor.  (Even if the age of consent is lower in your state or region, the federal age in my country is 18, and online services are governed by interstate and international commerce laws.)

  • You have a history of non-payment or abusiveness towards artists.

    • If you've routinely not paid or issued chargebacks, or have been exceptionally rude or otherwise abusive to other artists, I may refuse to serve you.

  • I have reason to believe that accepting your commission will interfere with my ability to do business.

    • If I believe your behavior will expose me, through association, to unnecessary hindrance in the community - for instance, if you have been banned from Furaffinity (depending on the reasons) or are affiliated with far-right hate groups (such as the Furry Raiders, Xanadu, etc.) - I may refuse to accept commissions from you.

Article 4 - Copyright Agreements

When you create your character ("fursona," in furry parlance), you own all of the copyrights to that character as soon as it exists in tangible form (whether that form is a drawing, a description typed in notepad, or anything that gives your character definition).  It's important to understand that by commissioning me, you are waiving some of those copyrights.  The copyright agreement is as follows:

  • You retain all rights to the character outside of the specific commission agreement.  In other words, when you commission me, you are granting me permission to draw your character in that instance in the agreed-upon setting.  Beyond that specific setting, you retain all "derivative works" rights to the character (meaning I can't just go in and draw the character in any setting I choose later).

  • I retain all rights to the artwork, but I grant you permission to publish the artwork in your respective online spaces, and to create hard copies for your own personal use if you so choose.

  • You may not resell the artwork, put it behind any kind of paywall, or otherwise charge an access fee of any kind.

  • I may publish the artwork for promotional purposes with or without notice to you.  This means that I may publish the artwork to my own galleries and use it to promote my business, even though the artwork includes your character.  By commissioning me, you are consenting to the use of your character's likeness in my online spaces, in the form of the artwork you commission.

  • I retain all rights to the finished artwork and grant you permission, in perpetuity, to post the unaltered art in your online spaces (with one exception listed below).  Attribution is appreciated but not required. 

  • You may not use the artwork for the minting of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) under any circumstances, and doing so in violation of this agreement will result in, at minimum, the immediate revocation of your right to repost the artwork.  You may also be subject to civil liability.

  • You may not alter the finished artwork in any way without asking me for permission first, with only one exception: you (and only you, the commissioner) may crop the artwork for use as an avatar/icon/profile picture.

  • If you commission Telegram stickers, you hereby authorize that they are for public use on the Telegram messaging platform and agree that you will take no measures to limit their distribution throughout the service or to remove the artist's signature stamp sticker.

  • You must be the owner of or have permission to use any intellectual property you commission me to draw.  I do not accept commissions to draw any intellectual property that you do not have permission to use (this includes Pokémon, My Little Pony, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc., including "original" characters or "OCs" in those universes). This extends to all parts of the scene, not just the characters.

Article 5 - Indemnification

When you commission me, you are taking full responsibility for the commission and all consequences associated with it.  You agree, per these terms and conditions, that you will not hold me liable for any damages to you that arise as a result of commissioning me.

  • Example A: If you spend money on art that was earmarked for your bills, I am not responsible for any penalties you incur on your bills.

  • Example B: If you are disciplined at your job due to a supervisor discovering that you've commissioned art, I am not responsible for any lost wages.

Article 6 - Binding Agreement

By signalling your acceptance of these terms of service on the commission form and submitting the form, you are signalling that you regard these terms of service as a legally-binding contract.

Furthermore, you are stating the following:

  • You affirm that you are at least 18 years of age and otherwise legally permitted to enter such binding agreements.

  • You will abide by the commission process set forth in Article 1.

  • You will abide by the correction, alteration, cancellation, and refund policy set forth in Article 2.

  • You waive certain copyrights to your character, as described in Article 4.

  • Per Article 5, you will not hold me, the artist, liable for any damages that arise as a result of the commission.

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